Top 6 Foods for Healthy Skin


You may have your favourite skin treatment or skincare products, but healthy skin starts with nourishment from within. Every day, our skin cells are constantly shedding and are being replaced by new and young cells. For this process, all you need is the right balance of healthy foods that contain essential nutrients to help keep your skin soft and supple.


As a rule, all foods rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins are great for the skin. Let's look at the top 6 foods for healthy skin.



Rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from UV damage, tomatoes are a popular vegetable worldwide. They not only add flavour to your food, but a daily dose of tomatoes can keep your skin fresh and healthy from within.



Another top food for healthy skin is carrot. The orange-red vegetable is rich in beta-carotene, a skin-friendly nutrient that converts into Vitamin A within the body. Regular use of carrots can repair skin tissues and also protect against sun damage. 



Walnuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that aids in boosting up collagen production in the skin. If you wonder what collagen is, it is merely a protein that can help improve skin elasticity, combat wrinkles and fine lines leaving your skin supple and youthful. Moreover, walnuts can help reduce the risk of cardiac diseases and manage stress, and when you are healthy inside, it reflects on your skin!



Another potent source of antioxidants that can keep your skin healthy is almonds. They are also rich in Vitamin E that contributes significantly to prevent the signs of aging. Moreover, almonds are a great source of copper that improves skin firmness and elasticity, and blood circulation in the skin. Lastly, almonds contain linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that prevents dryness and keeps your skin soft and supple.



How can the protein-rich eggs not be a part of this list? Eggs are rich in lutein, a type of vitamin that provides hydration and elasticity to the skin. Moreover, its high protein content is the building block of collagen production in the skin that repairs tissues, improve skin elasticity, and keep your skin firm.  



Berries of all kinds are an excellent source of antioxidants that protect your skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. Make sure you get your daily dose of vibrant berries, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and cherries.  

Nature offers an abundance of foods that can help keep your mind, body, and skin healthy. With these top 6 foods and many more, you can keep your skin nourished and healthy. For more information about taking care of your skin and managing skin concerns, contact us now.