SAAM Acupuncture

SAAM acupuncture is a creative acupuncture style of South Korea and it is based on the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine – Yin & Yang, Five elements and Six Qi. The most distinctiveness about SAAM acupuncture is that it enables the greater treatment effects by mainly using the acupuncture points located below the elbows and knees as well as following the traditional methods of tonification and reduction while inserting acupuncture needles. It is also a very safe acupuncture method because the acupuncture points being used are located distant from our vital organs.

Dr. Jimmy An (TCM) had learnt SAAM acupuncture from SAAM master Kim and his fellows over years, and he also continuously studies to broaden his knowledges in order to deliver better health services to his clients. He has also been involved in editing books about Saam acupuncture, and runs seminars on Saam acupuncture to other TCM practitioners.