Constitutional Herbal Medicine

Everyone has different constitutions, appearances and personalities.

Healthway Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine clinic considers different body constitution, appearance and personality in diagnosing client’s conditions together with health related questions and pulse-taking.


Thereby we provide tailored Chinese herbal medicines in order to deliver the best outcome for the client.


For example – Menopausal syndrome


Females’ menopausal syndrome can be considered as following four different cases.


1. Weak liver function:

A person with weak liver function may have narrow face shape or longer nose length with neat and tidy personalities. She tends to suffer from splitting finger/toe nails and tight muscle pain.


50s in life time is when the liver function starts to deteriorate, and this ‘weak liver function’ type of person may suffer from more stress, anxiety and agitation than usual, and in worse cases, depression may result.


She may also have other symptoms as blurry eyes, tinnitus, and tense hypochondriac regions.


2. Strong liver function:

A person with menopausal syndrome due to strong liver function tend to have red cheeks and freckles around cheeks.


She may also have sudden body temperature changes, hot hands and feet, and sudden cold sweat. This type of a person may easily feel tired and oppressed/stuffy chest.


3. Weak urinary bladder function:

A person whose nostril can be easily seen tend to have weak urinary bladder function. She may suffer from urine incontinence, frequent urination, and nocturia.


The weak urinary bladder can also affect the heart function, according to channel systems in Chinese medicine, and thereby may cause depression, heart palpitation, and shortness of breath.


4. Lack of Yin Blood:

This type of person tends to have large cheek bones. She may suffer from various menopausal symptoms, especially cold hands and feet. She may also suffer from sacral pain.


After considering these different types, we provide herbal medicine that best suits your constitution.