My Story & Interests




I went to South Korea every university holidays to learn more about Chinese Medicine because there are more Chinese medicine and acupuncture books available, longer histories of Chinese Medicine and most importantly have well-known practitioners who see over 100 patients a day.


Through the education and work experiences in South Korea, I learnt a lot about the unique Korean Five Elements Acupuncture called SAAM acupuncture, which mainly uses the acupuncture points located below elbows and knees. It enables me to effectively balance a person’s body and thereby helps to overcome the diseases, not only the surface but from the root.


After graduating from Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Human Biology in RMIT in 2011, I also started to study and get educated more in depth about herbal medicines through an UNESCO registered book called Donguibokam. Instead of simply learning the techniques, these studies and educations help me to more thoroughly understand about a person’s constitution. I believe that I can now make a more detailed diagnosis and therefore can prescribe better tailored herbal medicines to suit the person’s body.


I see many general health conditions such as headaches, migraines, lower back pain, hay fever, digestive issues and anxiety. Apart from those general health conditions, I do also have special interests in women’s health including infertility and menstrual / period disorders, skin diseases such as eczema and children’s health.


Every client is important to me, and I hope that I can assist you to achieve better health.