How long are the consultation & treatment time?

Initial consultation generally takes between 20 – 30 minutes, and subsequent consultations are usually shorter as we mainly compare the changes after the initial treatment.

Acupuncture usually takes about 30 minutes. Sometimes we provide cupping after the acupuncture treatments which usually takes between 10 to 15 minutes. If moxibustion is performed, usually it is applied together with acupuncture.

Chinese herbal medicine can be prepared in different times depending on the type of medicine is required. Please refer to Chinese herbal medicine page.

Are acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping painful? Acupuncture needles are very fine, unlike the injection needles. They are usually 0.25mm in thickness and some are even finer. Sometimes acupuncture can cause mild puncturing pain but it does not usually last long. Moxibustion provides the warmth but it is not too hot to cause any burns. Cupping, in most cases, does not cause any pain but leaves some cupping marks which usually disappear in a few days to a week.
Do I need to change / remove my clothes during acupuncture? We specialise in SAAM acupuncture which uses acupuncture points below your elbows and knees. Therefore, clients do not usually need to change or remove their clothes.
Do you use sterilised acupuncture needles? Yes, we do. We only use sterilised and single-use disposable acupuncture needles for hygiene issues. Any used acupuncture needles are immediately disposed in a sharps container after being used.
Can I have Chinese herbal medicine and/or acupuncture during pregnancy?

Yes, you can. They are actually very effective for health conditions during pregnancy such as morning sickness, tiredness, common cold during pregnancy, and delayed labour etc. For habitual miscarriage clients, we usually recommend Chinese herbal medicine during the pregnancy to prevent the potential miscarriage. There are some Chinese herbs which should not be used during the pregnancy, and of course we strictly follow the guidelines.

Personally, I provided Chinese herbal medicines to my wife throughout her pregnancies, and continued on after the labours to better maintain her health.

Any sides effects of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine?

Acupuncture can sometimes cause small bruises but it usually disappears in a few days.

Chinese herbal medicine can sometimes cause slight diarrhoea or indigestion, but it happens in very minor cases. We usually alter herbal medicines for you if this happens.

Do I need to cook Chinese herbal medicine?

No, you don’t, unless you prefer to cook by yourself. For raw herbs, we decoct with our herbal medicine decoction machines and provides you in small packages. For more detailed information and for other forms of herbal medicines, please refer to our Chinese herbal medicine page.

Do I need to bring my medical records e.g. X-ray, Blood test, referral letters? Yes, please bring any medical records if you have. We will also go through your family and previous medical histories during the consultation in order to thoroughly understand your constitution and conditions.