Types of Herbal Medicine

Healthway Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine clinic provides 3 different types of herbal medicine.


1. Traditional Decocted Chinese Herbs:

This is the most traditional and effective type of herbal medicine. We use the best quality (A Grade +) raw herbs and decoct them for 2 to 3 hours and pack them in small packages for you to drink.


It is considered the most effective as it follows the traditional form of having Chinese medicine. We can also monitor the qualities of herbs ourselves and modify them if needed before the decoction. We also use A+ grade Korean ginseng & Australian Lu Rong when needed. But you may need to come next day to pick them up because of the long decoction time.


2. Granules:

This is a more conventional type of herbal medicine. Taiwanese (A Grade) granules are prepared in small packs. You can simply mix with warm water before drink.


It is easy to bring around because the granules are provided in small packs, and you can carry 2-3 small packs only each day. Also we can prepare on the same day in 20-30 minutes after the consultation.


3. Herbal Pills:

This is only prescribed to certain conditions, e.g. certain infertility cases or some chronic fatigue cases. The raw Chinese herbs are processed to small sized pills and provided in a small bottle or small packs.