Why is Chinese Medicine and Treatment So Popular?


Chinese medicine and treatment is an alternative medicinal practice that has existed for thousands of years. Originally confined to the Asian regions of China, Japan, and Korea, this healing technique has gained popularity around the world. In Australian, the field has become a significant health treatment along with conventional allopathic medicine, and there are genuine reasons for this popularity. Let's take a look at the treatment methods and find out reasons why Chinese Medicine and Treatment is gaining popularity around the world.


Treatment Methods 

The Chinese Treatment Method is a combination of approaches and treatments, including acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, exercises, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Since the treatment is highly personalized, the duration and efficacy of the treatment greatly vary from patient to patient. The treatment methods include:

  • Acupuncture - A medicinal technique where fine needles are inserted at specific pressure points in the body.
  • Acupressure - The practitioner applies finger pressure over acupuncture points and the meridians in the body.
  • Cupping therapy - An alternative medicine approach where a therapistputs special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations - Specific foods have theurapethic properties. Adding them in your diet can significantly improve your health.
  • Herbal medicine - Herbs in the form of medicines and herbal tea are suggested as part of the treatment. 
  • Moxibustion - this practice involves burning herbs near the skin to provide warmth to the affected areas.
  • Exercises - Specific exercises such as tai chi and qi gong to help improve the flow of energy within the body.


Why is it a Popular Treatment Method?

As mentioned earlier, Chinese medicine and treatment is gaining popularity around the world. Find out the reasons below.


It is a Holistic Treatment Approach

Since the treatment method is rooted in a philosophy of Taoism, this treatment approach encompasses the entire body and works to create balance not just in the affected organ but in the entire body. The vital energy that affects the balance in the body is called "qi" or "chi" that flows on a particular pathway known as the "meridians". Theoretically, any disease, whether physical or emotional, develops due to any disruption in the flow of qi. So the treatment method focuses on restoring the flow of qi and, in turn, restoring the complete balance of the body.


It Protects and Improves Your Mental Health

While protecting your physical health is a priority, one should never disregard the importance of mental health. And one of the reasons whyChinese medicine and treatment is great is because it protects and improves your mental health. Known for anti-inflammatory properties, Chinese medicine also helps relieve stress in the process which in turn has a positive effect on your mental health.


It Has Very Few Side Effects

Unlike most medications, medicines used in Chinese treatment often come with few or no side effects. So practically, Chinese medicines are safe to use even during pregnancy.


Chinese medicine and treatment is a popular alternative medicine approach that is widely practiced around the world. Based on the ancient theories of energy flow in the body, the approach is still valid and is used for treating hundreds and thousands of people not just in Asia, but also around the world.