What Types of Food to Avoid When Wanting to Have a Baby?


Eating the correct food is never easy whether you're trying to lose or gain weight. However, when trying to get pregnant, you will be bombarded with a whole new set of nutrition rules that will need to be followed to the core. Don't let these overwhelm you! While you should mostly be including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet, the main concern is what you should avoid.


Artificial ingredients, preservatives, contaminants, and synthetic hormones should be avoided at all costs since they make conception rather difficult. Below is the complete list of foods that should be avoiding when wanting to have a baby:


Fizzy Drinks

Studies prove that sodas- diet and regular- are linked to low fertility rates. This could be because the blood sugar spiking sweeteners and gut bacteria changing artificial flavors cause inflammation and metabolic changes in the body.


Moreover, many soda bottles and cans contain BPA and other harmful chemicals to the human body and might make conceiving difficult.


Mercury-Induced Fish

Mercury is super damaging to the nervous system. Mercury-rich fish includes swordfish and tuna. While most people might consume these, those wanting to have a baby must steer clear of them as they could harm the fetus.


When you eat high-mercury seafood, the mercury is stored in your body, affecting the baby's nervous system. Did you know that the fetal nervous system is formed before most women even realize that they are pregnant? In fact, mercury is proven to decrease fertility, as well.


Trans Fats

Certain chips, microwave popcorns, baked goods containing shortening, and deep-fried items contain trans fats, which result in inflammation and insulin resistance in the body. This lowers your chance to get pregnant.


Moreover, trans fats are responsible for damaging the blood vessels as they disturb the flow of nutrients to the reproductive system. Men, too, should cut down on trans fats when trying to conceive as they lower sperm count and quality, making pregnancy difficult.


Refined Food

Refined food contains a high-glycemic-index, which can increase your blood sugar. When blood sugar spikes, you are more at risk for inflammation, hormonal chance, and poor ovulation.


Instead, opt for slow-burning carbs, including whole-wheat pasta, bread, and brown rice, while pairing them with a balance of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.



When trying to get pregnant, it is best to cut all unhealthy habits out of your life. This includes alcohol. Like mercury, alcohol can cause infertility. When consumed every day, alcohol can lower the body's vitamin B levels, lower your chances of pregnancy, and damage fetus growth.


Raw Food

Raw food, including raw meat, seafood, and eggs, may cause more damage than good. These products may contain salmonella, coliform bacteria, and toxoplasmosis. If ingested, they can cause serious harm to the fetus.


While trying to get pregnant, it is best to skip sushi and carpaccio.


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